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Nature Transitory 

Mixed media

2023, Ongoing Series 

'Nature Transitory' coined by Hasoon, is a concept that breaks away from tangible representation and permanence, taking inspiration from the transient and ever-changing aspects of nature.  'Nature Transitory' reflects the idea that art doesn't always need to convey worth or exist physically; it can be a fleeting and transitory concept, much like the impermanence and transience found in nature.

Within this series, Hasoon employs discarded refuse bags as unconventional canvases, creates paintbrushes from debris found in her environment.  She creates pigments from mud and water sourced from the lily pond.  Throughout the process, Hasoon engages in an intuitive and responsive dialogue with the surrounding environment, allowing the elements and materials to shape her creation.

 A collection of preliminary studies from the 'Nature Transitory' series that explore the concept of nature's impermanence.

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