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Amira Hasoon, Freelance Artist, 2020


Amira Hasoon is an Oxford born mixed media artist.  She received a BA (Hons) (2014) from Oxford University in Drawing for Fine Art Practice, and a BSc (Hons) (2020) from The Open University in Social Psychology.

She has completed Artist in Residence programs in Manchester NH, and Maitland FL, in the United States, as well as in Wales and Gloucestershire, UK.


Her work explores narratives within environments, seeking to understand her own ontological journey in juxtaposition with her surrounding environment.  This conscious awareness has been the driving motivation within her works, and was initially fuelled by a quote from Art novelist, John Berger, ‘…the way we see things is affected by what we know or believe’. 


Hasoon's work is a result of the awareness that individual cognitive processes lead to adaptive behaviour in response to one's environment.  This adaptive behaviour, influenced by the requisite algorithm, contributes to the shaping of individuals.  While one's perception skews vision, the act of looking is a deliberate choice that helps establish one's place in the world.  

Hasoon explores this intricate relationship between cognition and environment.  Through her work, she seeks to capture the nuances of adaptive behaviour, and also the conscious choices embedded in the act of looking.  Whether using traditional drawing mediums or incorporating found materials like mud as pigment or sticks as tools, her art becomes a dynamic representation of the reciprocity between individual perception, and the surrounding world. 

Beyond representation, it actively engages as a timestamped record, capturing specific moments in time and place.  The emphasis on real, tangible existence - coupled with a sense of belonging, is integral to her works.  The visual dialogue between Hasoon and her environment isn't just a component, though the very essence of her practice.


Hasoon has a natural inclination to making small, detailed works.  She believes these pieces require a different kind of attention, fostering a need to connect with the audience on an intimate and relative level.  

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