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Invisible Lines, An Interpretation of Observation

Fine Liner, pencil ​- Ongoing Series 

Hasoon developed a concept of drawing called 'Invisible Lines, An Interpretation of Observation.'  Hasoon coined this term to describe her approach to drawing, which focuses on intentionally guiding the viewer's gaze through the use of space.  In this series, Hasoon was particularly intrigued by the perceived relationship between the artist and the art viewer: does the artist have complete control over the meaning of the artwork, or does the viewer's individual perspective and thoughts influence its interpretation?

Similar to the paths created by foot traffic erosion, the 'Invisible Lines' in this series emphasises the significance of negative space alongside positive space.  The 'Invisible Lines' are deliberately designed to lead the viewer's eye through both the areas occupied by objects and the empty spaces between them.  This interaction with the positive and negative space allows each viewer to create their own unique paths of interest and desire within the artwork.  Consequently, the viewer becomes an active contributor to the overall interpretation of the piece, shaping its meaning based on their own individual perspective and engagement.

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