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Invisible Lines, An Interpretation of Observation

Fine Liner, pencil ​- Ongoing Series 

Hasoon has adopted the concept, and method of drawing which she coined as ‘Invisible Lines, An Interpretation of Observation'.  

These ‘Invisible Lines’ intentionally lead the viewer through the inclusion of space.  This series was lead by Hasoon's curiosity of the supposed relationship between artist and art viewer; does the artist control the art, or does the viewer change the meaning of the work according to who they are and how they think?

Much like the paths of desire, created as a consequence of erosion caused by foot traffic, the 'Invisible Lines', or negative space within this series is just as important as the positive. The 'Invisible Lines' intentionally leads the viewer through the positive and negative space, thus creating their own unique lines of desire, and therefore an active contributor to their own unique piece.

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