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Treeptych Series,

Fine liner, and graphite 



Hasoon's Treeptych Series consists of multiple highly detailed triptych tree drawings that capture the intricate patterns found on tree bark.  Through this series, Hasoon embarks on an exploration of the tree's life, growth, and ecological significance within its environment, all conveyed through her meticulous attention to detail.  Each drawing reflects the complex meanderings and lines that form these natural mosaics, creating a continuous luminosity and forging a profound connection with the human experience and the ever-changing nature of life.

This body of work is a tangible manifestation of Hasoon's deep passion for line and mark-making. Throughout the creative process, she becomes completely immersed, demonstrating an almost turbulent, and obsessive dedication.  However, it's essential to note that this dedication is far from negative; instead, it signifies Hasoon's acknowledgment that, in both art and nature, the true essence often lies in the intricacies and details.

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